13 - 15 February, 2017 | Rydges Sydney Central, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Conference Day One: Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Day 2

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9:10 AM Understanding Big Trends in the Housing Market to Optimise Lending Practices and Service Offerings

Shane Garrett , Senior Economist, Housing Industry Association

Paul Bloxham , Chief Economist, HSBC

The Australian Housing Market is currently facing increased prices, sustained demand and decreased interest rates – all of which are making for an extremely competitive environment. This session will provide valuable insights on a macroeconomic scale as to what is happening in the property market and how this can be integrated to respond to a dynamic external environment. 
  • What is driving demand in the mortgage lending market and how will interest rate cuts impact home buying 
  • Long-term impact of international investors, population growth, first time on property prices, quantity of loans and the customer experience 
  • Evolution of the length of time to come to lending decisions and impact on the customer 
  • How is the expected reduction in investor activity in the next 2-3 years likely to affect lending and what are the predicted changes to be on new and existing home owners 
  • What are the prospects for price growth and what does this mean for mortgage lending
Shane Garrett
Senior Economist
Housing Industry Association
Paul Bloxham
Chief Economist

9:50 AM Exceeding Expectations and Delivering a Great Customer Experience at First and Every Contact

Eric Crabtree , Global Head of Financial Services and Thought Leader, Unisys

Getting loan origination out of the silo and into
customers’ hearts and minds!
Leading banks are focusing on customer journey
analysis to help them deliver the best customer
experience. Unisys believes that customer
experience is not just about individual processes,
It is about but the sum total of every interaction
that a bank has with its customers. In fact the
loan customer journey starts before a customer
applies for a loan and never really ends, as the
bank services the loan and o–ffers additional
services throughout the customer relationship. In
the ideal situation the customer journey becomes
a customer life journey in which the bank plays
a pro-active role in o–ffering services, not just
responding to customer applications. This means
a fundamental change in attitude. The speaker will
  • Changing customer expectations in an increasingly digital world

  • O–ffering the right product at the right time, even before the customer realizes he/she has a need

  • The role of automation whether through selfservice,broker or traditional branch+back office model

  • Keeping the customer engaged throughout the process by using across multiple touch points
  • The technology and process ecosystem needed to exceed customer expectations
Eric Crabtree
Global Head of Financial Services and Thought Leader

10:30 AM Speed Networking

11:00 AM Morning Tea

11:30 AM Robotics in Banking: How Suncorp is Changing the Game on Human Augmentation to Achieve Operational Efficiency

Joshua Cooper , Executive Manager of Business Process and Execution, Suncorp

The constant change of the technology landscape has caused an industry, previously relying on calculators and balance sheets, to dive fullthrottle into the digital age through the adoption of Robotics Process Automation (RPA).It has been found RPA can drive 25-50% cost savings by automating data intensive tasks and improving the accuracy and efficiency of process execution. 

In this session Joshua will focus on: 
  • The impacts of RPA on the workforce: how to increase efficiency and reduce human error 
  • Where does Suncorp currently stand with adopting robotics and what is in store for robotics in the lending space over the next 6-12 months 
  • Influencing the decision making process and achieving quality and operational efficiency
Joshua Cooper
Executive Manager of Business Process and Execution

12:10 PM Effectively Onboarding Customers to Harness the Potential of Acquisition and Retention to Drive Customer Value

Aman Alagh , Executive Manager of Strategic Transformation, Bankwest

There has been a large emphasis on attracting customers through product offerings, rates and initial attractiveness however less on providing a seamless onboarding experience. This session will focus on how to handle a customer profile post acquisition through provision of a holistic, humanized and multi channel origination process. 
  • Optimising costs to acquire, retain and manage customers 
  • Deriving and driving better customer through streamlining processes 
  • Enabling customers to bank 24/7, 365 days a year through efficient digitalization and omni channel banking approaches
Aman Alagh
Executive Manager of Strategic Transformation

12:50 PM Lunch Break

1:50 PM CASE STUDY: How India Bulls has Achieved a Two Day Mortgage Through Lean, Streamlined Processes

Nafees Ahmed , Chief Information Officer, India Bulls

In a dynamic and evolving environment , India Bulls e-Home Loans is the first of its kind to eliminate geographical boundaries, prolonged processes and tedious paperwork thus providing a quick, comfortable and transparent home loan experience. Where the home loan process previously took 9-10 working days – through digitization and lean methodology India Bulls has achieved a 48-72 hour end to end process. 

This session will focus on: 
  • Disrupting the mortgage industry through process excellence and digitization 
  • Elevating the customer to increase market share and offer a convenient and memorable experience 
  • Utilising existing channels e.g. online banking to streamline the credit decision process
Nafees Ahmed
Chief Information Officer
India Bulls
Joust is an online lending platform that turns the tables on lenders by forcing them to bid in real time for your home loan. The start up is on a roll after bringing in over $100 million in mortgage referrals in just its first quarter of operation and aims to win 1% of total settlements in Australia. 

This session will focus on: 
  • The shift of power to consumers and what this will mean for financial institutions 
  • Maintaining market share and remaining competitive against non-bank lenders 
  • Leveraging transparency as a means of increasing rate competitiveness
Mark Bevan

3:10 PM Leveraging Omni-channel Banking to Increase Customer Centricity and Accessibility

Grant Howells , Former Head of Wholesale Lending Transformation, ANZ

Adoption of Omni-channel banking is essential to ensure that the customer experience is seamless, integrated and supports customers anytime and anywhere. Implementing successful Omni-channel banking requires insight into customer needs and the right IT infrastructure. 

This session will address the following: 
  • Optimising the potential of each distribution channel 
  • Improving integration of clients channel preferences and to increase the level of customer experience 
  • Communicated a strong, unified and recognisable brand message across all channels 
  • Leveraging data across all channels to communicate effectively with customers and improve ability to sell lending products
Grant Howells
Former Head of Wholesale Lending Transformation

3:50 PM Afternoon Tea

Australian peer-to-peer business lending platform, ThinCats Australia continues to grow with 300 lenders in the provision of funds for Australia’s 2.1 million small to medium sized businesses. With up to $27 billion under threat from disruptors to the bank’s key payments and lending markets.

This session will focus on: 
  • Using human decisioning and intuition when interpreting data in the lending process 
  • Adhering to strict regulation in an evolving and risky environment 
  • What niche are alternative lenders filling that bank’s are not tapping into
Sunil Aranha
Research shows that 86% of bankers believe the
future is dependent on digital, but only 13% feel
they are ready.

  • — So what does this mean for customer retention?
  • — How can we maximise the experience and oppportunities of engagement?
  • — What approaches are we seeing globally?

Join your peers for champagne to discuss your
experiences on these topics and more.