13 - 15 February, 2017 | Rydges Sydney Central, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Conference Day Two: Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Day 3

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9:10 AM Interview: Greg Dalton – Head of Global Services, Westpac

Greg Dalton , Head of Global Services, Westpac

Greg has played a large role in the rollout of personal finance origination, business banking opportunities and digital mortgage origination over the past decade. He was involved as the project lead on Westpac’s 60 minute mortgage process, a key milestone for the organisation in achieving lean and straight through processing. 

This interview will focus on: 
  • Originating a customer as opposed to an account to drive further sales and a more holistic, customer centric banking experience 
  • Understanding the customer experience to drive adoption 
  • Driving change management after implementing new systems and processes
Greg Dalton
Head of Global Services
As customer preferences change and comfort with utilising digital channels to search, compare, apply and ultimately fulfil mortgages continues to increase, it is critical to understand customer needs and experience to optimise the journey. ING Direct has increased their customer satisfaction rating from mortgage customers from 92.7% to 94.2% in the last financial year due to their focus on investment based on rigorous understanding of customer behaviour. 
  • Trends and best practices in direct mortgage origination – locally and globally 
  • Striking the right balance between digital and personal relationship-building in order to address different customer needs 
  • Ensuring seamless omni-channel integration and efficiency though successful channel integration
Joshua Walther
Head of Distribution
ING Direct

11:00 AM Morning Tea

11:30 AM PANEL DISCUSSION: Improving Efficiencies and Customer Experience Through Robotics

Stuart Nielsen , Head of Banking Process and Optimization, Suncorp

Steven Ramage , Head of Credit, Heritage Bank

CEOs agree that robotics is going to make their companies more efficient, with 94% of those who’ve already adopted robotics saying that it’s increased productivity in their business. This panel will explore the possibilities for robotic process automation and artificial advantage in the lending sphere. 
  • Reducing error rates in the mortgage origination process and reliance on multiple systems 
  • Better management of repeatable tasks 
  • Improving standardization of process workflow 
  • Utilising robotics for high level transaction processing in origination, payments processing and know your customer processes
Stuart Nielsen
Head of Banking Process and Optimization
Steven Ramage
Head of Credit
Heritage Bank

12:10 PM Maintaining Risk, Operations and Customer Focus to Provide a Superior Lending Experience

Faraaz Ali , Head of Retail Products (Asia), ANZ

With an emphasis on fulfilment in the loan origination process, this session will focus on how you can make the same decisioning whilst maintain responsible lending and increasing speed to disbursement of funding. ANZ has established the ‘Same Day Personal Loan’ and are currently working on streamlining the online home loan process whilst keeping the customer at the centre and offering a tailored experience. 
  • Addressing the challenges of customer psychographics, security and managing the lending ecosystem
  • Leveraging established ecosystems to aid loan delivery and underwriting from a risk, operations and customer experience standpoint 
  • Global case studies from lenders markets and how their models are differentiated from competitors
Faraaz Ali
Head of Retail Products (Asia)

12:50 PM Lunch Break

1:50 PM PANEL DISCUSSION: Redefining Digital Loan Origination to Increase Accessibility and Enhance the Mobile Platform Experience

Aman Alagh , Executive Manager of Strategic Transformation, Bankwest

Nafees Ahmed , Chief Information Officer, India Bulls

In the last six months, there were 840 million logins to online banking with 75% of those logins coming from mobile devices. With customers having everything at their fingertips – this session will focus on how bank’s can leverage this channel to kick-start the loan origination process. 
  • Using analytics technology to promote real-time dashboards and visibility across channels of customer engagement and adoption 
  • Streamlining the process by increasing accessibility and accelerate the underwriting process 
  • Enhancing productivity through a fortified document management system 
  • Remaining compliant with data and security rules
Aman Alagh
Executive Manager of Strategic Transformation
Nafees Ahmed
Chief Information Officer
India Bulls

2:30 PM The Human Side of Automation: How to Boost Productivity and Engagement Through Change Management

Peter Birch , General Manager of Group Lending Services (WA), Commonwealth Bank

Automating technologically sleepy parts of financial services could trigger an upheaval for the industry and its employees. Peter will explain how Commonwealth Bank’s strategy in Western Australia to have two points of contact for the end to end home loan process has affected their workforce. The session will also focus on how ownership and accountability in in origination has led to a decrease in costs and risk as well as an increase in customer sentiment. 
  • Discover how to manage the transition of an active loan origination system with minimal disruption to operations 
  • Learn best practices for documenting processes and workflows to manage the project effectively 
  • Differentiating through case management principles and alignment of back and front end processes
Peter Birch
General Manager of Group Lending Services (WA)
Commonwealth Bank
Solutions clinics are designed to give participants strategies and tools to deal with their most pressing challenges. 

The room will split into tables where each table member will share their biggest challenge before collectively deciding which issue to investigate in more detail. 

The table will then elect a facilitator/note taker who will record the topic being explored and the ideas of the table. After 40 minutes of discussion, the facilitator of each table will then report back to the rest of the audience their problem and potential solutions. 

Finally, IQPC will compile the information collected into a document that will be shared with delegates post event.

3:50 PM Afternoon Tea

HashChing, which launched last August, has been described as the ‘Uber’ of the home loan marketplace. HashChing is an online marketplace for borrowers to access pre-negotiated home loan deals from verified mortgage brokers. 

In this session Mandeep will share his insights on: 
  • Enhancing the customer experience through a customer feedback rating system and broker ranking system 
  • Using technology to match the borrower with right broker instantly 
  • Driving broker efficiency and productivity by providing right tools and Gamification 
  • Understanding the future of mortgages
Mandeep Sodhi
CEO and Founder
This session will focus on the challenges smaller lending organisations have to keep pace with in a rapidly changing market. It will also focus on the balance between jumping on board with technology solutions with limited resources – while all the time remaining on side with ever increasing regulations and security issues. 
  • Remaining competitive through improving loan processes 
  • Reducing speed to yes by leveraging technology and reporting 
  • Preparing to test and learn through new distribution channels 
  • Key learning’s from automating processes in a smaller scale institutions
Steven Ramage
Head of Credit
Heritage Bank