13 - 15 February, 2017 | Rydges Sydney Central, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Pre-conference Workshops: Monday, 13 February 2017

Day 1

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Faraaz Ali , Head of Retail Products (Asia), ANZ

Faraaz Ali manages all retail products and lending in the Asia Region, spanning across 9 markets. Faraaz was at the forefront of a recent ‘Express Loan’ project which focused on streamlining personal lending origination and reducing sped to disbursement. Similarly, he has been involved in the push to digitising home loan applications and optimising online channels. This workshop will assist in enabling you to identify strategies and mechanisms to optimize lending processes from both a front and back end perspective. In this interactive workshop session, the facilitator will discuss using practical examples of how to best redesign or improve existing loan origination functions to deliver a seamless loan experience.
  • Understanding how to reduce rework and increase speed deliverables through process enhancements and digitization
  • Effectively managing automation to reduce manual inputs and human error whilst increase operational efficiency
  • Increasing speed to yes and fund disbursement through process excellence
  • Prioritizing and effectively managing online channels to cater for a digital marketplace
Faraaz Ali
Head of Retail Products (Asia)
Elder’s has undergone a period of vast change where a previous joint venture is now all being brought in house. As a result of this, there has been a rollout of numerous processes and frameworks to adapt to the changing and digital loan origination environment. Change management is pivotal to address, as changes in the industry are happening more frequently due to financial institutions becoming more reactive and nimble. The benefits of change management span across; mitigation of risk, correlation to increased ROI, improved staff performance and utilization of resources. In this workshop, John will discuss the key challenges they faced when bringing staff on board the automation journey and provide tips on how to best handle these. 
  • The need to restructure, reskill and retain employees to adapt to the changing workplace environment 
  • The importance of early engagement and clear communication to ensure harmony between all key stakeholders 
  • How to manage this transition with minimal disruption to other departmental functions
John Rolfe
Head of Home Loans
According to a 2014 survey conducted by Forrester, 41% of financial services professionals selected omni-channel banking as one of their top five focal points for business transformation. With more ways of reaching the customer than ever before, the focus is now on how to engage with your customer through selection of the most appropriate and tailored channel medium for them. Whilst omni-channel banking was traditionally thought of as a technology issue – it realistically spans across numerous departments both on the front and back end. When implemented successfully, omni-channel banking will reduce operational complexity, increase staff satisfaction, minimize impact on compliance functions and lead to stronger customer engagement overall. This workshop will centre on utilizing data to understand customer preferences and how to translate this into customer acquisition. 
  • Ensuring seamless omni-channel integration through mastering individual channels 
  • Lessons from understanding customer insights to personalize the channel experience 
  • Balancing digital and personal relationship-building to address different customer profiles
Joshua Walther
Head of Distribution
ING Direct
61% of bank executives say that a customer centric model is ‘very important’ with only 17% feeling prepared to tackle this. Leading disruptor to the industry, Hashching, has provided customers with the power to influence their rates and experience through a rating system and has effectively put them at the centre of their business model. This model has enabled greater transparency by brokers as well as an overall more positive customer experience. 

The workshop will focus on driving operational efficiency whilst maintaining a customer centric mentality. It will also centre on how institutions of all sizes can adopt Fintech principles to embed in their processes and drive service led value. 
  • Understand how to have the best technology and platforms in place so that customer conversations can be prioritized 
  • Lessons on how to incentivize brokers to increase customer satisfaction and feedback ratings 
  • Encouraging strong customer service to add value to lead generation and retention
Mandeep Sodhi
CEO and Founder